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Tannus Armour tire insert

Are you tired of constantly dealing with punctured tires and costly repairs while riding your electric bike? Look no further than Tannus Armour Tire Inserts - the revolutionary solution to a common problem. These lightweight and durable inserts provide unbeatable puncture protection, giving you the confidence to tackle any terrain without fear of a flat. Say goodbye to frequent maintenance and hello to a smoother, safer ride.


Puncture Protection

Tannus Armour tire inserts are made from a dense foam material that provides excellent puncture protection. This is especially helpful for rear hub motor electric bikes, as the added weight can increase the risk of punctures and flats, and repairing a flat on the trail can be a near impossible feat.


Improved Comfort

Tannus Armour also offer improved comfort by absorbing shocks and vibrations from the road due to running lower pressure than what you would have without Tannus inserts.

Tannus Armour insert

All things considered, Tannus Armour inserts have proven to be one of the most effective products for puncture protection that we have used, no matter the size of the tire or style of riding.


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