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talaria suspension forks


The performance of lightweight dirt bikes like the SurRon Lightbee X and Talaria Sting heavily relies on the quality of their suspension systems. The suspension setup is a pivotal factor that can either make the ride unpleasant or elevate it to an extraordinary level. Consequently, achieving the ideal suspension configuration becomes of utmost importance for off-road enthusiasts riding these bikes.

However, achieving the ideal suspension setup for lightweight electric dirt bikes has been an ongoing challenge. The lack of reputable suspension options specifically designed for these bikes has been a significant issue. While adapting high-end mountain bike suspension can improve ride quality, it's not an optimal solution since those forks and shocks weren't originally intended for these electric dirt bikes.

talaria suspension

Fortunately, a game-changer has emerged in the form of the EXT Ferro Fork. This upside-down fork features 36mm hard chromed steel stanchions with a Superfinish surface treatment, designed specifically for the lightweight electric dirt bike market encompassing models like the SurRon and Talaria bikes. EXT, known for crafting high-quality suspension components, including forks and shocks for mountain bikes, has proactively developed the Arma shock to cater precisely to the SurRon Lightbee X and Talaria Sting models.

talaria suspension

The highly anticipated pairing of the Arma E-MX shock with the new EXT Ferro fork is currently underway, with a full breakdown review expected in the coming days. In the meantime, let's delve into the specifications of the EXT Ferro Fork:

  • 36mm hard chromed steel stanchions (heat treated 42CrMo4) with Superfinish surface treatment
  • Dedicated design triple clamp uppers machined from 7000 series aluminum
  • HS3 air spring system with twin positive air system + 1 large negative self-balancing air chamber, providing optimal support throughout the travel range
  • Chromed steel air spring shaft with Superfinish surface treatment
  • High-flow 3-way adjustable cartridge with independent High/Low speed compression and rebound adjustments
  • External air pressure release valve system on both legs to normalize pressure with the ambient environment
  • Twin hexagonal floating axle, boost compatible (20mm) for maximum torsional rigidity
  • Air spring and cartridge radial guide system with bespoke aeronautical seals for minimized dynamic friction during side loading events
  • Large piston design for excellent damping control and separate IFP/coil energized compression valve
  • No cavitation and low hysteresis
  • Self-hydraulic cartridge bleeding
  • Dedicated Mobile Sliding DU guiding system with super-long static overlap for maximum guidance and torsional rigidity (CGB Continuously Guided Bushing system to increase stiffness)
  • 205mm of travel and a shorter 44mm offset for increased stability
  • 200mm post mount brake
  • Approximate Weight: 4500g (10lbs)

The EXT Ferro Fork represents a significant development in the realm of lightweight electric dirt bike suspension, promising enhanced performance and ride quality. Stay tuned for the forthcoming review, where we will provide an in-depth analysis of its capabilities on the trail.

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