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Shinko 241 tire
A great choice for Surron and Talaria riders is the Shinko sr241 Goldenboy tire. With its extra gummy compound and trials type knobby profile, it still gets great traction in the dirt through corners or obstacles and offers equal grip on the pavement.
Shinko 241
The 70/100-19 or 2.75-19 is the tire that we have some riding time on. If you want a little bit wider tire you can go for the 3.00-19 size, offering slightly more traction when run at a lower air pressure.
Shinko 241
The Shinko 241 is one of the best all around tires for electric bikes like the Surron or Talaria. If you are looking for a tire that you can ride on any surface and will last a long time, then consider this tire on your next change. 
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